paneer and matter paneer

Paneer and Mattar Paneer | A Brown Table

Someone once asked me what would I want to eat if I were stranded on an island and had one wish. My answer was immediate and without hesitation, it would have to be cheese! Of course, I'd want a little bread and butter to go with it but there's something wonderfully comforting about cheese. Though not created equal, I think all cheeses deserve some special mention and one of my favorite cheeses is an Indian one called paneer. It's unlike any other cheese and though it's sometimes called Indian cottage cheese, I think we should just call it paneer since they are so very different. If you head over to Food52 , I have a recipe for making paneer at home and mattar paneer which is a thick spicy tomato based gravy in which chunks of paneer and bright green peas bathe. Have a lovely weekend!